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Snowboarders & Skiers, Consider Contact Lenses

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Any native to Bozeman knows about the amazing ski resorts like the Bridger Bowl Ski Area. Hundreds of acres of snow prepared and maintained for your skiing and snowboarding pleasure. However, what many ski instructors have come to realize is that skiing or snowboarding involves lots and lots of sun, and when you have sun, you face sunburns, dryness, and more importantly, UV radiation. Aside from glare that could blind you on your way, for skiing a run successfully, one should wear proper eyewear and UV protection.

At Bridger Eyecare, our doctor and opticians advise patients to utilize a pair of polarized sunglasses with UVA & UVB protection. Even for those serious skiers who wear specialized goggles, investing in the right type of contact lenses can make a big difference as well. Wearing a pair of goggles for hours at a time can be tough on the eyes, and the worst timing for a difficult contact lens is while you’re nearly about to start a run.

Therefore, any skier or snowboarder should consider investing in daily contact lenses that offer a clean, fresh pair that can retain your eyes’ moisture and clarity for the entire day. Plus, many contacts include UV protection as well to ensure your vision stays healthy & avoid burned corneas or ocular disease later down the line. While prescription goggles can be an alternative, contact lenses are cheaper in the long run and a prescription change is far more accessible than buying a new pair of prescription goggles.

For more information how to take care of your eye health while enjoying your favorite winter sport, call our office today.

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