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Q & A on Eyewear for Fishing


1. Does fishing with special eyewear make a difference other than standard prescription sunglasses?

Fishermen know that their sunglasses need to be polarized to eliminate glare. Surface glare obscures a fisherman’s ability to see the fish…critical in the placement of their cast. However, most fishermen don’t realize the how much difference the quality of the polarizing film infused in the lens makes. A quick side by side comparison of premium sunglasses such as Maui Jim and a lesser brand makes a quick believer in investing in quality.

2. Do you need different sunglasses for deep or shallow waters?

More important than the depth of the water is the quality of light. A gray lens is an all-around performer. It maintains natural color and reduces the light spectrum equally. However, as the light dims to overcast conditions lenses towards the brown and yellow spectrum heighten contrast and optimize vision. On the opposite side of the spectrum, bright overhead sun lenses towards the green and blue spectrum are excellent for sight fishing.

3. What is the best brand of sunglasses for fishing?

We recommend Maui Jim sunglasses. Their optical clarity and polarization quality are second to none. Maui Jim has great styles, outstanding durability, and incredible visual acuity.

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