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Mountain Biking Eyewear

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Mountain bikers know that aside from a helmet & decked out bike, the next step is eye protection. Dirt and dust not only irritate & cause dryness on your face but when you're getting some serious speed on your bike, the last thing you'd want is to crash or lose control because of eye irritation. While many people can invest in top quality eyewear for their biking needs, Bridge Eyecare recommends you consider polarized eyewear for even your everyday activities.

First of all, UV rays are one the most harmful factors in damaging your eyesight. When your eyes are overexposed to the sun on a regular basis, then your eyes will have a greatly increased chance of ocular disease later on in life.

Second of all, mother nature can be rough on your sinuses & cause your eyes dryness, irritation, and redness due to pollens, dirt, and other allergens in the air. Polarized eyewear can protect your eyes from these factors and more.

Lastly, we believe that fashion makes a statement about your game. If you want to stand out as an expert in your field, whether it be biking, fishing, golf, football, soccer, etc. - caring for your health & your style goes hand in hand.

Not only does Bridger Eyecare carry the best in Mountain Biking eyewear & specialty eyewear, but we provide comprehensive eye exams to keep your eye health at its best.

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