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Styes, Chalazions, and Your Eye Doctor | Bozeman, MT

Enjoying the outdoors in Bozeman, MT is a no-brainer. With the great weather and numerous locations to explore, hikers, rock climbers, bikers, or fisherman are all eager to ramp up their gear and start their journeys. However, one of the setbacks with any outdoor activity is staying clean and maintaining hygiene. Although a casual bike ride may be easy to handle, Bozeman boasts some of the more avid outdoorsman, where a single day can end up covered in dirt, mud, and much more.

Although more common among makeup artists, styes and chalazions are common eye conditions that can develop around or on the eyelid ― often due to poor hygiene. Unlike a standard eye emergency, showing a stye or chalazion to your local eye doctor like Dr. Carl Roth can ensure fast, effective treatment to restore the health of your eyes back to normal. Often, any chronic inflammation associated from a stye may be due to an infection, and medication may be prescribed. As far fas as milder cases like a chalazion, consult with your eye doctor about removal or if eye surgery is required.

A stye occurs due to oils trapped inside the meibomian glands inside the upper and/or lower eyelids. The gradual buildup inside the eyelid creates a chronic inflammation or infection. A stye can appear anywhere around the eye, even inside the eyelid.

These two conditions are similar in that staying clean and hygienic can prevent recurrence. As far as a chalazion, however, this may be developed from dry eye symptoms, so discuss with your local optometrist about how to help your meibomian glands excrete their oils. Working with your doctor on treating your dry eye symptoms will also improve your visual comfort and reduce irritation.

Styes are much closer to the eyelid, since a stye is an inflammatory infection of an eyelash follicle. Therefore, a red, sore lump would appear at the edge of the lid, and this can have immediate symptoms due to the close proximity & sensitivity.